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Based in Sri Lanka, the home of Ceylon Tea, we are a fully vertically integrated company that has committed in bringing you the best cup of tea from the moment of growing the tea plant up to exporting the packed product. In addition to conventional tea, we also provide organic teas while providing for farmer sustainability.

Apple And Cinnamon

Cp tea lovers

Apple And Cinnamon

A marriage of fruit & spice that has never been more celebrated.

Once brewed, the fruity note of Apple tinged with Cinnamon- Sri Lanka’s most exotic condiment, lures your taste buds into a finer indulgence of mild bodied tea with sour & spice. Delicate undertones of lemon & blackberry can be picked up in the middle offering a tart & astringent flavor that is distinctively satisfying. Here’s to a healthier substitute of good ol’ apple pie! **Best brewed at 100° for 2-3 mins until golden bronze.

Ingredients: 100% fruits Net weight: 15g per pack Shelf life: 18 months 100% Fruit peel Tropical fruits from Malaysia Original and authentic taste of the FD Fruits are retained ( vitamin ,protein and fibre) No artificial colouring and zero cholesterol Green Food Vacuum packed with Zip Lock to retain the freshness


Vacuum packed with Zip Lock to retain the freshness

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CP Tea Lovers

Bringing you the Healthiest Fruit Snacks & Best cup of Ceylon Teas!

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Our Certificate

Malaysia (JAKIM)

Halal certified by Department of Islamic Development
Malaysia (JAKIM).

Ministry of Health

MeSTI certified by Food Safety and Quality Division
Ministry of Health.

Buatan Malaysia

100% pure Malaysia high-graded tropical fruits.

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